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CMSimple Plugins

After you have installed the CMSimple content management system and one of the available plugin loaders, you can use one of the plugins available from this website.

The plugins I have implemented so far are the following:
For links to other plugins and templates have a look at the link page.


22-07-2007 - New Version 2.4 of Register Plugin
New version 2.4 available:Fixed compatibility problems with CMSimple 2.8 and lat [more...]
18-02-2007 - New Version 2.2 of Contact Us Plugin
New version 2.1 available:Added Slovak and Dutch translations.Corrected URL enco [more...]
30-01-2007 - New Version 2.1 of Contact Us Plugin
New version 2.1 available:The captcha functionality got enhanced to allow three [more...]