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Register Plugin

Even though the plugin has been tested thoroughly, please use it on your own risk.


  • Login Functionality
    A login form is presented to the user that allows to enter username and password. The layout of the form can be horizontal or vertical and can be formatted through CSS
  • Two step registration process - Registration and Activation
    First the user registers on the page with login, password, full name and email. This generates an email to the user with a link that will then activate the account.
  • Forgot Password?
    The user can enter his email address to get his account data sent in case he forgot username or password.
  • User Preferences
    When logged in the user can edit his user account data, i.e. full name, password, email address.
  • Administration Mode
    When logged in as a user that belongs to the administrator group, it is possible to switch into CMSimple administration mode without logging in. The login will be performed implicitely.
  • Confirmation Code (Captcha)
    The registration form contains a confirmation code that needs to be entered to ensure that just people and no robots register. There are three options:
    • No confirmation code at all ("none"),
    • A randomly generated mathematical formula, e.g. "1 + 2 + 8", for which the user needs to enter the result, or
    • An image displaying a code, e.g. "AGHICO", which the user has to enter to confirm his input.
  • Users file on server side (colon separated fields) specifying
    • user name
    • user's full name
    • user's email
    • user's password in either clear text or encrypted form
    • list of access groups the user belongs to, e.g. admin, member, guest etc.
    • status, i.e. user got activated
  • Access Groups file on server side
  • Administration area allows administration of users and groups in CSV files



  • The code for creating the captcha image is based on code from Geniz' Guestbook.
  • I used the code from Michael Svarrer's Memberpages plugin user administration code as example for the Register plugin user administration.


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