22-07-2007 - New Version 2.4 of Register Plugin
New version 2.4 available:
  • Fixed compatibility problems with CMSimple 2.8 and later. For CMSimple 2.7 and before please use Register Plugin 2.3 or earlier.
  • Added feature to set user status to 'locked' so that he cannot modify his user preferences anymore, e.g. for setting up a guest user that should not be able to change preferences.

18-02-2007 - New Version 2.3 of Register Plugin
New version 2.3 available:
  • Fixed problem with add button in user and group administration in respect to Internet Explorer 6 and Opera.
  • User's full name can now contain any character except a colon.
  • User preferences form now allows to also delete the user.
  • German translation corrected.
  • Corrected handling URL encoding of special characters in page names, e.g. German access denied page.
  • Removed configuration setting for 'login_field_size'. The width of the according fields in the login form can now be set via the style sheet.
  • Update form layout of all forms and associated style sheet.

30-01-2007 - New Version 2.2 of Register Plugin
New version 2.2 available:
  • Layout of user/group administration got slightly reworked.
  • New administrator mode functionality using new function registeradminmodelink() got added that allows users who are member of the adminstrator group to implicitly login to CMSimple without specifying the administrator password. This replaces the CMSimpe loginlink(). Please note that you don't use CMSimple's security_wwwaut option.
  • The layout of the login form is now configurable to have a vertical or horizontal layout. In addition, it can be fine tuned using CSS.
  • The captcha functionality got enhanced to allow three modes
    • none: no confirmation code needs to be entered in registration form
    • image: an image with a captcha code is shown
    • formula: a text formula is shown to be calculated by the user
  • Confirmation code in forgot email form got removed.
  • Error messages in registration form does not show the confirmation code in clear text anymore.
  • The configuration option names got partially renamed to allow better automatic grouping by Djot's plugin loader. This makes the configuration incompatible with previous versions.
  • A dutch and slovak translation got added thanks to some nice users of Register plugin.
  • Note: If you want to use the ContactUs plugin with this version of Register plugin, please use a version equal or later 2.1 of ContactUs plugin.

25-01-2007 - Minor Bugfix Version 2.1 of Register Plugin
Minor bugfix version 2.1 available:
  • Filtering of access restricted pages sometimes lead to accidentally filtered-away pages. This got fixed with this version.
  • The login and password fields are now aligned to the right and their size is configurable.

25-01-2007 - New Version 2.0 of Register Plugin
New version 2.0 available:
  • The plugin works now without the Memberpages plugin and brings its own login form etc.
  • Instead of using access levels, access groups have been introduced. Users get assigned to one or more groups. Pages can allow access to one or more groups.
  • Password encryption in the users file is now activated by default. Because of this existing users files need to be updated to contain encrypted passwords instead of clear text ones.
  • Forgot password feature got updated to set and send a randomly generated password to the user when password encryption is activated.
  • Note: The function to be called by the template has changed from registerlink() to registerloginform(). Please update your template accordingly.

21-01-2007 - New Version 1.1 of Register Plugin
New version 1.1 available:
  • A limitation in captcha generation has been removed so that the plugin now also works when CMSimple is not installed in the server's root directory, but below.
  • The plugin has been enhanced to support encrypted passwords. However, this feature will only become usable when the Memberpages plugin will start supporting this.

18-01-2007 - New Version 1.0 of Register Plugin
New version available:
  • Contact us email functionality moved into separate ContactUs plugin
  • Moved captcha functions into
  • General code clean-up
  • Additional function can be used in a page or the template to display the full name of the logged-in user
  • Note: users of the previous version 0.4 who used the registercontactlink() function need to either remove the function call or rename it to contactuslink() after installing the ContactUs plugin.

17-01-2007 - New Version 0.4 of Register Plugin
New version available:
  • Updated user administration form layout
  • Added new "Contact Us" link and form that has two modes:
    1. User not logged in: Sender name, sender email, subject, email text and validation code (captcha) need to be entered
    2. User logged in: Just subject and email text need to be entered since all other information is already known
  • Added function to display user's full name after login

12-01-2007 - New Version 0.3 of Register Plugin
New version available:
  • Updated register form layout
  • Removed need for special registration page. Thus, setup is limited to just adding the register link below the member login form.
  • Added new "Password forgotten" form that allows the user to enter his email address to receive his account information via email. The according link is displayed below the "Register" link.
  • Added new "User Preferences" form to edit user account settings:
    • user's full name,
    • password, and
    • email address.

10-01-2007 - New Version 0.2 of Register Plugin
New version available:
  • fixed bug in context of multi-language environment, i.e. registration link now pointing to right page including language directory
  • CSV file now gets read/written from/to correct location also in multi-language environment, same is valid for image locations
  • updated Italian translation
  • added help in administration menu

10-01-2007 - New Version 0.1 of Register Plugin

Initial version supporting following features:

  • registration of users via form with captcha image and activation email
  • CSV file support containing user information in memberspages compatible format
  • adminstration of language settings, plugin configuration, style sheet and user information implemented
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